Animation in TV & Video Production Genres

2D, 3D, CGI, Stop-frame, Puppetry, SFX, Motion Graphics and Typography - When pitching for work we provide 'no cost - no obligation’ animation tests and visuals

Animation/post in one guise or another, accounts for so much of the production process and with London hosting some of the best animators and post houses in the world, it can be a minefield of choice. Our skill lies in years of hands-on experience in both commercials and series work, knowing our way around this minefield and putting together the best team for the job and the budget.


Animation Taster

We have a long history in animation to live up to! Producer/Writer Jo Marsden (formerly Kemp) wrote the original 'Chorlton and the Wheelies' and 'Jamie and the Magic Torch' series and, in our time, we’ve produced 110 x 10 minutes episodes of 'The Raggy Dolls' for ITV plus literally hundreds of animated and/or post orientated commercials.

This short Taster Reel highlights our diversity of styles over the years.