Life's Beautiful

We’ve chosen Beauty as our category highlight this time as a means to showcase several of our directors who have a particular affinity with the genre. Pigeon-holing Beauty isn’t that easy; it covers a multitude of products but it’s the emphasis on the aesthetic with the freedom from ‘hard sell’ disciplines that affords the director the opportunity to really practice his art.

Great looking cars

We’ve chosen the recent work of Matt Berndt to head up this showcase since it encapsulates all that is excellent in this market niche; selling the dream (and selling the product). Porsche ‘Poem’, BMWi ‘A New Kind of Mobility’ and Porsche ‘Iceland’ contain all the hallmarks of great car commercials – beautifully crafted and brilliantly executed with the right balance of aspiration, lifestyle and location.

Cotton Traders

What a great start to the year! Our latest shoot in Cape Town was for the clothing brand Cotton Traders through Direct North. Beautifully directed by Richard Caesar over three days, we took in two beaches (Witsands and Glen Beach in Camps Bay), a park and a house in Constantia, as well as Greenmarket Square in the centre of Cape Town.

Hail Caesar

A highly talented and experienced director, Richard Caesar is well known throughout the UK and Europe for his emotive and captivating work for brands which include Calvin Klein, Anamor and Sberbank.

Here we’re showcasing just a small cross section of Richard’s work and if you’d like to know more, give me a call and we’ll happily arrange a meeting so you can talk to Richard in person.