The new Porsche Macan – Director: Matt Berndt

A huge challenge was that the script called for this top secret model to be introduced in an urban setting, which meant very limited shooting time in the early morning on streets surrounded by security. Where a shot called for the car to be in an open urban setting and a lockdown was impossible, CGI of the car was employed.

Hand in hand working with children – Director Ian Sciacaluga

Why do some people have an uncanny affinity with children? We believe it’s the child who decides on this, not the adult, which is why when working with children, we make a beeline for Ian; we've seen this chemistry working over and over again.

Ian has the curiosity of innocence, viewing life through a child’s eyes; children take his hand not the other way around, reacting instinctively to this natural empathy. Childlike but not childish and happily for us as producers, Ian also applies a brain and a vision the size of a small country.

Flaconi Cosmetics - Director Richard Caesar

Flaconi Beauty and Cosmetics On-line specialises in brand fragrances, beauty care and cosmetics.

Say what you will, but don’t we secretly love taking time out to bathe in the soft light and slo-mo of a scantily dressed, beautiful woman musing over nothing more taxing than her own indulgences?

Happily, this brand of seduction is an advertising genre that continues to be sustained simply because it works. Bring it on we say!

Hats and clothes off to the director Richard Caesar and get in touch you’d like more of the same.

Luke Kemp
Client Services