• Easier things to do than getting scripts – (No1 of 6) Gator wrestling

    While on holiday in Florida with my wife Liz and our two young boys, I had a go at ‘Gator’ wrestling.

    It wasn't easy avoiding those massive jaws but Liz eventually agreed that I could have a go.

    While on top of the Gator it occurred to me that this is actually a great deal easier than wrestling a script out of an agency creative/TV department.

    Since I should only hassle you once a month, rather than sending out the ‘Have you got any scripts…’ email, I thought it’d be a lot more fun to theme the next few as ‘Easier things to do’ or #ETTDTGS for short.

    Admittedly, I do like a challenge but if you do have a script we could look at, that would be brilliant!

    Best regards,

    Commercials Unlimited

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