2 day commercial shoot in Cape Town for £91k including all post, music, artists’ buyouts and agency travel & accommodation.

With Black Friday behind us, thoughts are turning to spring and even summer campaigns and during these short, wet winter days we get a lot of scripts crying out for sunshine, which we shoot in South Africa. Consequently, it may be of interest for you to know that the last few jobs we shot in Cape Town were for budgets ranging from £91K to £140K.

Of course, each job is different, but generally these budgets included artist buyouts, agency flights & accommodation, music and all post-production.

So when/if that sunny location script lands on your desk, I hope you’ve made a mental note that with us South Africa is an excellent and viable option with significant benefits.

Let me know if I can be of help or can provide further information.

Best regards,

Luke Kemp

Client Services

PS: Our pitches include a detailed production/budget report, great treatments (here’s an example) and a good cross section of quality directors.

Why we like shooting in Cape Town

    : December to March is the South African summer

    : On average there are more than 11 hours sunshine per day

    : It rains on less than two days and then less than 1 cm in an entire month

    : The average temperature is in the pleasant low to mid 20’s

    : Locations are excellent and look British

    : The crews, gear and production infrastructure are world class

    : There’s a huge number of European-looking artists and buyouts are favorable

    : They drive on the left

    : There’s no jet lag

    : SA offers an extremely favourable exchange rate

For all these reasons we’ve been successfully shooting in South Africa for over a decade for brands including BT, Peugeot, Bayer and Cotton Traders and have built great relationships with the many facilities out there.

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