Director Interpretation Treatment Example

This Sun Life Treatment from Laurie Castelli highlights why our pitching documents are considered informative, polished and client-friendly.

When pitching, we provide ‘Taster reels’ which give a flavour of each director’s work. We then go on to provide creative treatments, style references and mood boards supported by an applicable budget outline, custom-built reels and a detailed production template.

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Sun Life 60" version

The death of a loved one in the family is a hugely sensitive subject, but the script from Bray Leino in Bristol for Sun Life Direct navigated that fine line to show that there is financial assistance to help families cope with the financial burden and the creatives chose Laurie Castelli to translate their script for the screen.

Production involved a two day shoot at a location in Watford, where nearly every room in the house was utilised and the ‘call centre’ set was created.

Whether it’s humour, drama, dialogue or involving special effects, Laurie’s approach is always to try and make an emotional impact by connecting to some real human emotion.

His commercials for brands such as Beck’s, Sony, LG and Vodafone have won awards all over the world and been shortlisted at Cannes.

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