• Train to Gain

    Project Description

    Based on the popularity of boardroom antics that surround programmes such as The Apprentice, this commercial features a successful businessman who has reaped the benefits of training his workforce, thus taking his business far beyond that of his competitors whom he ‘thanks’ for their lack of foresight.

    The business man is hard-nosed, with an assistant who wisely endorses – with small irritating repetitions and gestures – everything that the Big Man has to say.

    Shot on location in the City, we needed an office with generic, panoramic views that was also suitable for sync sound. Casting played a key role and we were very happy with the chemistry created between the two characters.

    “We found the right location with floor to ceiling windows that faced the right way, meaning that we wouldn’t have problems with the changing position of the sun and/or drastic fluctuations with the lighting. After that, it was a question of pulling the right performances and, to some extent, allowing the cast to use their own freedom of expression. It worked and I feel we achieved just the right balance of comedy whilst delivering a serious message.”

    “Suki got some great performances out of the two actors and allowed them to tell the story with a smile. I think the ad is beautifully paced and subtly makes it point without being heavy handed. Behind the scenes Commercials took my tight time constraints (from brief to finished ad in just two weeks) and produced the goods with flair.

    Naturally, I took all the credit back at the agency, but then that’s creatives for you.”

    Geoff Dodd, Creative Director - RH Advertising

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