Project Description

Everything about this job – from the cut of the suit to the nuances of the body language and delivery were critical. It was for screening on financial channels to attract the attention of city traders and even had to work without sound, via muted screens in trading rooms. Due to the nature of the subject we had to be extremely careful to avoid any ‘wide boy’ associations, since this would have been really damaging.

The air date had been fixed before we were appointed, leaving us with very little lead time and a relatively small budget. But our director, Suki, produced a detailed working storyboard and a timings breakdown, which he designed to work with the graphics.

Taking Suki’s excellent sync sound directing skills for granted, the main focus was on casting and wardrobe. And, working closely with Refresh Digital Communications, we got it right – spot on in fact. We shot Hi-Definition on a Canon 5D with amazing results within a turnaround time of less than three weeks.

Worldspreads 'Trader'

Director's Bio

Suki is a versatile and prolific director, with a feature film and over 100 commercials for clients such as BT, Toyota, Dell, Mizuno, Samsung and Radio 1 to his name.

He has an exceptional eye and a passion for directing, so much of his success is due to repeat business where he is asked for again and again.