Project Description

Since the interactive website for the new Mazda2 was an integral part of the marketing, we only had 5 weeks to design, storyboard, post produce and deliver the 120 scenes that would make up the piece; performances, storyline, narrative, user-choices and car driving sequences all needed to be timed and choreographed.

Shot on HD to improve the FX and the clarity of the delivered image (computer screens having higher resolution screens than most domestic TV’s) and based originally on the techniques in Sid Meyer’s ‘Sin City & 300 ’, we worked closely with Unit to create fabulous 3D urban cities, interiors and car motion FX. The film was cut to the original and purposely remixed versions of The Infadels 2004 hit ‘Can’t Get Enough’ (as used in the TV campaign).

The shoot itself involved building key sets in a largely empty blue-screen studio half of which was painted black and lit with windbags to enable us to shoot all the travelling car scenes. Since the car had to be green, it compounded many of the lighting and technical issues we needed to overcome to achieve ‘car commercial’ quality footage of the Mazda2 throughout.

The full film is available at

Director's Comment: "Working with Syzygy on this project was a joy. They encouraged input and creative freedom together with such energy and enthusiasm it became a real team effort. Constructing the concept around the 3D pre-visualisations I was able to produce enabled the scenes and content to be signed off beforehand and helped the 3D guys plan and design their considerable workload on an on-going basis."

Jonathan Coffin Producer, Syzygy "When they approached the brief, Commercials Unlimited showed immediately that they understood the convergence of media formats; they passionately believe – as we do – that the web as a medium is no longer the poor relation to television.

With our high profile pan-European product launch for Mazda2 it was critical that we engaged a production company with the same mind set and who would be flexible when regional variances were identified, that progress could be communicated easily to all parties on a day to day basis, that the budget was strictly adhered to and that the launch date would not be compromised. On all counts, Commercials Unlimited met, and in many instances exceeded, our expectations.

A special note of distinction has to go to the Director, Suki; he demonstrated throughout a level of creativity and obvious expertise in the medium under circumstances that could have been perceived as a logistical mountain with very little time to climb."

Mazda 2 - Cutdown

Director's Bio

Suki is a versatile and prolific director, with a feature film and over 100 commercials for clients such as BT, Toyota, Dell, Mizuno, Samsung and Radio 1 to his name.

He has an exceptional eye and a passion for directing, so much of his success is due to repeat business where he is asked for again and again.