Produced by Yorkshire Television for ITV - 110 x 10 minute animated programmes (4-8 year olds)

Produced by: Jo Kemp & Neil Molyneux.
Created by: Melvyn Jacobson
Written and narrated by: Neil Innes
Music by: Neil Innes
Featured episode 'Bored'

‘Raggy Dolls’ was the first programme ever to be commissioned by Yorkshire Television from an independent production company and still holds the record for being the longest running children’s series of the genre.

‘Raggy Dolls’ involves Mr. Grimes’ Toy Factory where, unless the doll is perfect, it is thrown into the Reject Bin. When no-one is looking, the dolls come to life and climb out of the Reject Bin and have literally hundreds of adventures.

There are seven principal Raggy Doll characters representing some kind of disability or fault; Back-to-Front who’s head is on the wrong way, Hi-Fi who got dropped and therefore stammers, Sad Sack who, due to his size, was not viable for manufacture, Claude (who’s French) was rejected because one too many were made, Princess who was accidentally dressed in rags as opposed to riches, Lucy who was sewn with faulty thread – so her limbs keep falling off – and finally Dotty who was perfect, except that she then got splashed with paint.

In addition there is Mr. Grimes himself, a host of secondary characters who came along as the years went by and finally Cynthia who married Mr. Grimes. Cynthia was modeled on Jo herself who married her Mr Grimes (John Marsden) after the series had finished.

Raggy Dolls was a delightful and innovative children’s programme designed to help children overcome their own handicaps and/or prejudices as well as teaching kindness, tolerance and humility towards others. Neil Innes (of Monty Python and Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band fame) played a pivotal role by writing great stories, injecting humour and pathos throughout, whilst John Marsden kept the whole thing on the road.

The Raggy Dolls

Director's Bio

Simon is a highly experienced producer with a comprehensive understanding of the ever evolving digital camera workflows and the nuances of animation and advanced post production.

Simon is a highly-skilled director in the specialized areas of animation, CGI and SFX.