1 x day Motion Control studio shoot for £35,000 (€40,000)

The agency brief was simple: ‘we want it directed and lit it in the same iconic, Cannes-winning style of that BMW commercial – after hanging the doors on the car, we hang the car on the doors’. "Rather handy" we thought, since the Director acclaimed for this advertising classic is on our roster.

Roger’s skills were duly employed to create the gorgeous, tactile cinematography which makes this commercial. The end result, shot over one day using a Motion Control rig, demonstrates the quality that can be achieved with a modest budget (pushing more expensive commercials into the shade).

Dell 'Distraction'

Director's Bio

As well as being one of the few British Directors to win the Palme D’Or at Cannes, which he did for his work on Mercedes, Roger is best known for his work on BMW and international clients such as Procter & Gamble, Peugeot and Dell.

Specialising primarily in cars, food and beauty, his lighting style and exceptional quality of image have become Roger’s trademarks.