Project Description

Nine mini-sets, ranging from a trendy dinner party through to a country kitchen and a midsummer BBQ were built and propped to demonstrate the many occasions when one can serve Bisto.

Each set had to be entirely different from the next, each required multiple plate changes and it was almost a production line approach that enabled us to present the food so beautifully. We shot 36 slates in two days; the Food Stylist, Clare Ferguson, was a Trojan.

“In its simplest form, these were tabletop scripts but I wanted to take the whole thing a stage further. For me, they were about people, their inventiveness with the product and ultimately their enjoyment of it.

It wasn’t enough to provide the vicarious pleasure of plates seen in isolation, so for this reason I shot many setups and created wholly different environments to show Bisto as an ‘any occasion’ product; not just the preserve of the Sunday roast."

"We worked on a Bisto TV commercial with Commercials Unlimited and were delighted with the results.

Good production and planning by Neil, Jo and Simon meant we were able to get through a lot of food set-ups over two days. Rob Payton directed with great energy and creativity and food stylist Clare Ferguson was excellent."

Aidan Dowling Copywriter, Irish International BBDO

Bisto 'Meatballs'

Director's Bio

After a successful career at the BBC as both a film cameraman and a director, Rob worked as a DOP for many of the UK’s finest directors.

As a director Rob lights all his own work, creating exquisite results; especially with food.