We’re working quite a lot with Richard these days which isn’t so surprising when you look at his portfolio. We’ve chosen this spot because it has many of his hallmarks.

It was shot as one of two films over two days in a Warsaw studio for DDB Warsaw. Working in Poland was completely up to Western standards – great sets, fantastic (helpful) crew and all the latest gear. Happy to work with his long-time friend and DOP Volker Schellbach, it was a symbiotic team effort. The editing/grading was done at Platige Image and the music composed by another friend Jacob Klotz.

Although the Warsaw casting presented true professionals, Richard wanted to be on the safe side and did a second casting in Paris choosing Melanie Guth who turned out to be absolutely wonderful to work with.

Richard loves working in the UK (he’s multilingual too) and if you’d like know a bit more about him, give me a call or, better still, send me a script; we’ll get Richard cracking on a treatment and give you an outline quotation.

OB Night

Director's Bio

Richard does beauty, beautifully. Despite Richard’s love of the technical possibilities of film making – being merely the tools for the job – the main focus of Richard’s work is emotion and capturing that elusive, fleeting moment that touches the heart.