Project Description

This campaign was to promote Toyota’s own Formula One Team web site for fans of the team. The shoot took place over a week at the Paul Rickard Circuit in southern France, the test track home of Toyota’s racing team.

The footage for this film was shot as part of a much bigger project to supply racing footage and promotional films of the seasons new cars and drivers for both Toyota and their main sponsors. All researched, prepped, directed and post produced by our director Paul Henman. The entire shoot was on 35mm film.

Paul had a vast team of professionals around him who he had previously worked with on similar shoots. People who are experts in shooting high speed scenes with racing cars from the ground and in the air. A total of 7 cameras were used with five cameramen, as well as a special high speed camera car from Germany, a stunt helicopter team from Paris and a specialist crane and crew from Italy.

The weather was extremely kind for February, and the cars and drivers worked faultlessly, as did the entire crew of nearly 70 people. Putting camera mount rigs on the real racing cars was as exciting as it was tricky and closely monitored by the Racing Team director. But the results were fantastic and added an incredible dimension to the footage.

The extreme close up running shots on the track involves no post production trickery. The camera really was that close!! An huge shoot with no margin for error and every consideration for safety and getting the most exciting and dynamic shots possible.

Toyota F1

Director's Bio

Paul began his directing career in Hollywood when he was tempted away from his life as a top creative talent at one of America’s largest and most influential ad agencies, to begin directing commercials.

Hugely experienced, Paul has shot hundreds of films for some of the world’s leading advertisers, such as Ford, BP, Honda, Procter & Gamble, Audi, Wrigley’s, British Airways, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.