A tight budget shoot on the rainy, early morning streets of the City Of London. Two versions of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur were shot from dolly mounted camera postions and out of the rear and side doorways of an ordinary MPV.

The idea was to create a monochromatic, high key film, that paid homage to the pedigree of the maker, whilst enveloping the cars in the city environment with plenty of reflective imagery in the coachwork and glass to make the lines of the car blend effortlessly with the surrounding architecture.

The overall feel of the film had to complement the craftmanship and grand history associated with the mark, whilst still retaining the street cred that today's nouveau riche associate with.

Bentley Continental

Director's Bio

Paul began his directing career in Hollywood when he was tempted away from his life as a top creative talent at one of America’s largest and most influential ad agencies, to begin directing commercials.

Hugely experienced, Paul has shot hundreds of films for some of the world’s leading advertisers, such as Ford, BP, Honda, Procter & Gamble, Audi, Wrigley’s, British Airways, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.