There were 7 x 20 secs spots in total for this campaign. Each one had to capture the particular delight of teletext helping make your life easier. One needed to be on a beach, one in a club, one in a suburban English street. Cape Town offered all of these possibilities.

Director’s comment:
“My favourite spot was “Glee”, with the little girl on the beach. We shot 16mm reversal for a particularly saturated look, mixed normal speed with 40 and 50 frames a second and ran some of the film backwards in the edit.

This ad was not really written until the day we shot it and there was a mutual delight in capturing a simple moment.

It’s one of the things on my reel that people seem to like the most, which is proof in that you can think an idea to death but very spontaneous thoughts can be the freshest.”

Teletext 'Glee'

Director's Bio

Not only has Matt directed over 100 commercials for the likes of Bells Whisky, Burger King, the Financial Times and the BBC, but he has directed two feature films (the latest a Hollywood movie to be released in 2015) and has sold over 200,000 albums with his band D*Note.