Mail on Sunday – Nigella Lawson ‘Kitchen’
1 x 30 seconds sync sound. Shot on Panasonic Vari-Cam (with prime lenses)

As is the case with most newspaper promotions, it’s KBS on all fronts; we had only a matter of days to put this together to suit Nigella’s limited time frame and to meet a pressing air date. In the short time available we conducted an extensive a location recce to find the right house then propped it to suit and sorted the food styling. Nigella was joy to work with which made the day both enjoyable and productive.

The commercial wasn’t scripted as such since Nigella is far happier to ‘ad lib’, enabling a very real, genuine delivery. Budget dictated shooting on Vari-Cam (as opposed to Red) to enable both 25fps and 60fps and primes were used due to the importance of the food beauty shots.

Mail on Sunday - Nigella Lawson 'Kitchen'

Director's Bio

Not only has Matt directed over 100 commercials for the likes of Bells Whisky, Burger King, the Financial Times and the BBC, but he has directed two feature films and has sold over 200,000 albums with his band D*Note.