This is the first global marketing communication for the Porsche Macan and is all about intense emotions experienced by different people in very different settings and vignettes.

It was shot in Vancouver using a Russian arm and even a drone helicopter in the middle of the city.

A huge challenge was that the script called for this top secret model to be introduced in an urban setting, which meant very limited shooting time in the early morning on streets surrounded by security. Where a shot called for the car to be in an open urban setting and a lockdown was impossible, CGI of the car was employed.

To heighten the sense of emotion, in-camera flares and effects were used, in combination with GGI set extensions and VFX-flares.

With Mercedes, Lamborghini, Toyota, Daimler, BMW, Nissan and Skoda as well as Porsche on his reel, why not get Matt to give you a treatment on your next car film?

Porsche Macan 'Life Intensified'

Director's Bio

Matt is a genius with cars and SFX/CGI, working regularly for the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, VW, Audi and Nissan worldwide and winning awards at the Cannes and New York festivals.

But his stunning visuals and emotional storytelling have also worked wonders for clients such as Armani, Microsoft, Panasonic and Gucci.