A TVC shot in Dubai for the Middle East and East-European markets.

We only had two days to shoot this highly emotive film in its entirety; locations included a desert, a park, a five star hotel and a packshot. And we worked with kids but with a great DOP and crew, we pulled it off.

The film was designed to show the very different aspects of life as a Patrol owner; it’s about the emotions which come with the car. All vignettes were shot from a strict driver POV using a purpose build helmet rig with the vignettes staged around a strong human emotion – crazy excitement to romance.

One challenge was to find an old warehouse with patina (everything in Dubai is new and shiny) so with tremendous art direction, three water trucks and three monster cherry pickers for lighting, we turned a paper production space into ‘Indiana Jones style set.

DOP: Volker Schellbach

Nissan Patrol

Director's Bio

Matt is a genius with cars and SFX/CGI, working regularly for the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, VW, Audi and Nissan worldwide and winning awards at the Cannes and New York festivals.

But his stunning visuals and emotional storytelling have also worked wonders for clients such as Armani, Microsoft, Panasonic and Gucci.