Sometimes it only needs a great location and high fashion models to create that authentic James Bond atmosphere; a simple, bold setting befitting the product and the mystery surrounding an enigmatic, beautiful woman.

To create this Matt opted to shoot in the Miami Keys, working with only a small team, as the shoot was all hand held. This approach enabled a lot of spontaneity and creative freedom, meaning too that he could shoot the entire story in just one day.

The speedboat was organized, but the dolphins were a wonderful gift when they showed up for three minutes and followed the boat. Fortunately, Matt was quick enough to incorporate them - brilliant!

Technical: The commercial was shot on Alexa and C300
Music: La Roux - 'In For The Kill'

Gucci Black 60sec

Director's Bio

Matt is a genius with cars and SFX/CGI, working regularly for the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, VW, Audi and Nissan worldwide and winning awards at the Cannes and New York festivals.

But his stunning visuals and emotional storytelling have also worked wonders for clients such as Armani, Microsoft, Panasonic and Gucci.