I just love this project, and was commissioned by an Italian Fashion Magazine called BMM (which is one of those posh and sophisticated glossy type magazines with a worldwide distribution).

They were great! Giving me complete freedom over the creative process.

I wanted to create a timeless, grainy and rough image feel. So we had great fun playing with old cameras, lenses and even older vintage clothes in order to create this dreamy and childish, yet sexy film. Luca Merli

Miss Sixty

Director's Bio

With his individual style, Luca has directed many international campaigns for clients such as Nike, Nissan, Gas Jeans, Coca-Cola, Nescafe, Valentine, Kellogg’s, Pepsi and Nintendo, as well as music videos for artists such as Planet Funk and Suzanne Vega.

He also has a passion for surf, snowboard and other action sports films.