“We wanted to sum up the 'Day of rest' in a deliberately idyllic way and then offset it with one man's darker, alternative, existential take, just to question the whole ‘romantic notion’ of Sundays. As with all of our documentary work, the interviews were real and un-scripted and this is a good example of how we take everyday conversations and place them in a coherent and entertaining coxtext.

Currently touring cinemas nationwide as part of Virgin Media Shorts and featured on the BBC Film Network, this film has also been signed up by the international distribution company Ouat Media.


Director's Bio

Andrew Oxley is an award-winning director. Having been shortlisted two years running for the prestigious Virgin Media Shorts competition, he has had short documentaries tour cinemas nationwide with regular screenings on TV.

Andrew has a unique ability to engage an audience through his observational style and by championing the ordinary.